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Editing of Dryness
with “Antoine Wartner”

In this editorial project, the aim was to allow the reader to feel the dryness and climatic distress in a select media. To illustrate this with A.WARTNER (at Hear of strasbourg), we decided to create a publication mixing the image of dryness with the thesis of Pauline Hernandez about climate: “effects of dryness on the functioning of pasture ecosystem”.
Our objective was to report inaccessibility of these complicated texts about global warming.

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Font in use
Droulers by “Bureau brut”

To realized this project, we observed different materials, then photograph them in the studio, with different textures, linked to the dryness. The text is itself really complicated to understand, visually and literally, but it replieds symbolically to the pictures: it’s kind of an unattainable editorial project.

secheresse 6